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It all started by accident, maybe fate as the best of the meetings, but I think it also depends STRONG WILL, from believing in the land and its potential, and in knowing how to take the best expressions of nature.


"ViticoltorErrante - VineWandering"



Mattia Filippi

Born in Trentino Alto Adige, in Faedo, grown in the vineyards breathing and experiencing the smells of the earth. Winemaker since 2004, with various experiences of working and living in Trentino, in Chile, Australia, Sicily. Since 2009 I become VITICOLTORERRANTE and I divide between Marsala and Trento pursuing my challenges and my passion in the world of wine together with Rossella Marino Abate, winemaker, daughter, sister of winemakers and viticulturists. Our goal? The search for perfection.

Rossella Marino Abate

Born in Marsala, lived in Sicily, kidnapped from his city and its historical origins and wine, took a degree in Viticulture and Enology own in a European capital of wine, Marsala. Winemaker since 2007, with various work experiences in Sicilian wineries and wine in the area of communication. Since 2010, accompanied in his adventure the VITICOLTORERRANTE dealing wine, production, communication and sales. Care passionately his Wineblog.

... Behind a VineWandering there is always a great woman ...

The company is based in the center of Faedo, where Mattia grew up and first became passionately involved in wine and wine-making. Driven by this sense of vocation, he studied oenology and then worked in some of the most famous viticulture areas in the world. With the acquired experience, he decided to rent a hectare-sized vineyard south of the city of Trento, in a famed grape-growing area called Casteller. He fell in love with the rare and highly particular grape variety known as Il Poggio – also known to some people as Vigneto Tempio (or Temple Vine) – given the energy it transmits. With the help of Rossella Marino Abate – a wine-making expert from Marsala – Matteo produces two wines, Under The Sky and Equinotium, using the best Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, and adopting methods based on sustainable process, intense focus on raw materials and devotion to absolute quality. Having thus invested in a Trentino terroir famed for its noble and well-matured reds, he then turned his attention to the renowned white wines grown around Faedo – among the most revered Trentino wines – making wine with the grapes from his family’s vineyards. These are located at an altitude of 600 meters on steep slopes. The Chardonnay vineyard, in the area of Palai bassi-Molini, growing on the land of the old town mine, is used to make Augusto Primo Cuvée, a sparkling wine created using the Brut Nature classic method, aged for 44 months on the lees. The vineyard in the Portadon area is employed to make the classic wine, pride of Faedo, the Müller Thurgau called Xurfus, the latest addition to the company’s range.

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